How to get the most money for your mineral rights and royalties

If you’ve ever thought seriously about selling your mineral rights, you might end up struggling with a basic (but difficult) question – namely, how do I get the maximum value for my mineral rights?  You only get one shot at selling, and so you’ve got to make sure you get the most money possible when you do sell.

Regardless of whether you are interested in selling, you will probably find our Mineral Rights Price Index interesting.  Updated monthly, our Mineral Rights Price Index tracks the monthly price changes for mineral rights in West Texas and North Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado based on hundreds of data points for actual transactions in these areas.

If you’ve received unsolicited letters from mineral rights buyers, you’re probably looking at offer prices that are all over the board.  One logical step might seem to be to contact the mineral buyers from whom you’ve received a letter to see what they will offer for your minerals or royalties.  But this approach has serious shortcomings and is unlikely to net you the highest possible price, for two primary reasons:

  1. Too few buyers – When you limit your pool of buyers to only the people who contacted you, you are limiting the price that you will ultimately receive for your minerals and royalties.  For instance, assume you have 10 letters from 10 different buyers.  You’ve diligently contacted each buyer and have identified the highest bid out of all 10 of them.  Do you really think you’ve found the highest possible price for your minerals, when there are hundreds (and, depending on where you own minerals, thousands) of other mineral buyers who did not have an opportunity to put in an offer?  Wouldn’t it be better to see if there is another buyer who will put in an even higher offer?  This is where Shale Marketplace can help.  We’ve got a network of thousands of mineral buyers, and we can find the “needle in the haystack” offer that is higher than anything you could find on your own.
  2. Not enough negotiating leverage – Most mineral buyers are savvy, and they know not to lead with their best offer.  This means that buyers who contact you through an unsolicited mailing are often willing to increase the offer in their mailing.  But you are leaving a lot of money on the table if your negotiation ends there.  Unless mineral buyers have a compelling reason to feel like they have to put forth their best possible offer, you’re just not going to get maximum value for your minerals.  Shale Marketplace can help here, too.  By putting the property in front of thousands of potential mineral buyers at the same time, we stoke intense competition between buyers.  They’re all competing against one another for the right to buy your minerals, and so they know they cannot make “lowball” offers.

We love working with mineral owners who already have offers on the table, as we can, in the vast majority of circumstances, find an even better offer.  If you’re in that situation, we recommend that you contact us today.  You’ve got nothing to lose.

  • If we find a better offer, you get paid more money for your minerals than you otherwise would have.
  • If we cannot find a better offer (which happens only rarely), you get peace of mind knowing that you’re selling for the highest possible price.

And there is no cost to you in either circumstance.  There are never any listings fees or selling fees paid by mineral owners … ever.  If you want to see whether we can beat the offers you currently have on the table, please contact us today to get the process started.

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