How Much Are My Mineral Rights Worth?

Price Info is Scarce

If only there were a Zillow for minerals, where you could look up the value of your mineral rights! Unfortunately, no such service exists, as the sales prices for minerals are usually kept private and are not publicly disclosed. This makes it hard to figure out the fair market value of your minerals.

But Shale Marketplace has something that may help you a great deal – our Mineral Rights Price Index interesting.  Updated monthly, our Mineral Rights Price Index tracks the monthly price changes for mineral rights in West Texas and North Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado based on hundreds of data points for actual transactions in these areas.

Price Depends on Who You Ask

The value of your mineral rights equals the maximum amount that someone is willing to pay.  Most mineral buyers use the same set of factors (such as oil prices, current production, geology, and prospects for future drilling) to value mineral rights.  But even though mineral buyers use the same valuation factors, they often come to wildly different valuations because they use different assumptions.  For instance, some buyers think oil is going to $30, while others think it is going to $100.  You obviously want to sell to the $100 per barrel guy, because his offer will likely be a lot higher.

The Most Important Factor

The key to getting the most money for your mineral rights is to get as many potential buyers to evaluate your acreage as possible.  If you asked 1,000 different buyers to value your minerals, you’d probably get 1,000 different answers.  You only get one shot to sell, so why not give every active buyer an opportunity to make an offer?

The Buyer Pool is Huge

There are hundreds, and, in some areas, thousands of active mineral buyers who purchase minerals in the Permian Basin.  Trying to find them all – or even a significant portion of them – is a full-time job and requires significant effort.  If you only contact 10 or 20 buyers, how do you know that one of the hundreds of other active buyers wouldn’t have made an even higher offer?

How We Can Help You

The experts at Shale Marketplace have decades of oil and gas experience.  We have data on hundreds of mineral transactions across the best areas in the United States.  Even more importantly, we have a large database of active mineral buyers all across the country. We can advise you on the price at which similar properties in your area have sold.

But the best way of all to discover the true value of your minerals is to list them on Shale Marketplace and let our large buyer network tell you what they think your minerals are worth. If you’d like to discuss further, we will be happy to help you discover the value of your minerals.

Helpful Resources for Mineral Owners