Below you’ll find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Selling Questions

Shale Marketplace will maximize the value of your minerals and allow you to sell at the highest price. By selling through Shale Marketplace, you will receive the highest possible offer from a very large pool of active mineral buyers. After your minerals are listed, we market your minerals to a large number of active mineral buyers. This causes buyers to compete against each other, and the competition is sometimes fierce. The end result is that mineral owners receive higher prices for their minerals than they could have obtained on their own.

We also make the process of selling your oil and gas mineral and royalty interests simple, professional, transparent, and fair. The decision to sell minerals is a big one for many mineral owners. It can be one of the largest financial transactions that a mineral owner makes. It can also be unsettling to negotiate a large financial transaction with a huge mineral buyer who seems to have information that you don’t. Enter Shale Marketplace. Let our experts answer your questions and provide you with information so that you can make an informed decision about whether to buy or sell.

Listing your minerals or royalties with us is 100% completely free. Sellers pay absolutely nothing to list their minerals or royalties. Regardless of whether you ultimately decide to sell, you will never pay any fees to Shale Marketplace. Our service is entirely free to sellers.

Selling your minerals or royalties is also 100% completely free to sellers. Mineral owners will never pay any fees to Shale Marketplace.

The typical sales process is as follows:

  • Shale Marketplace lists your property and actively markets it to mineral buyers.
  • Shale Marketplace answers any questions that you have and presents you with offers as they come in.
  • You decide whether to accept an offer from a buyer. If you do, you and the buyer will sign a Purchase and Sale Agreement that describes the key terms of your agreement (e.g., the property being purchased and the price being paid).
  • The buyer then performs “title diligence.” Title diligence is the process of confirming that you own the property being sold by reviewing real property records filed in the county courthouse. This process usually takes about 30 days, and all costs associated with title diligence are borne by the buyer. There is no cost to you.

Once the buyer has finished with title diligence, you will execute a deed and send it to Shale Marketplace. The buyer will then send the purchase price to you through a wire transfer (or a certified bank check if you prefer). Once you’ve confirmed that you’ve received the purchase price, Shale Marketplace will send the deed to the buyer and the transaction will be closed.

If your minerals are producing, then all we will need initially is a copy of some recent check stubs. If your minerals are not yet producing, we would request a copy of any deeds or other documentation showing how you acquired the property. It is also helpful to see copies of any other documentation you have relating to the property, including a copy of any Oil and Gas Leases, Division Orders, or title documentation.

But don’t stress if you don’t have all of these items! We are happy to walk you through the process and search public filings to help gather the required information. Contact us today to get started.

Absolutely not! Our job is to inform you and to present you with offers from our large pool of buyers. You can then choose whether or not to sell. We pride ourselves on a no-pressure approach that puts mineral owners in control.

You’ll usually receive payment about 30 days after you sign an agreement to sell your minerals, though this can vary from deal to deal. During this 30-day period, the buyer will perform title diligence (meaning the buyer will confirm that you own the property being sold by reviewing real property records filed in the county courthouse). After title diligence is complete, the buyer will send payment directly to you.

Chances are good that, at some point, you’ve received an unsolicited letter offering to purchase your minerals. Depending on where your minerals are located, you might even receive several letters per week. Say you’ve got 10 letters in front of you from 10 different buyers. What’s the problem with contacting all 10 and selling for the highest price? There are thousands of qualified buyers who actively purchase minerals. You are unlikely to get the best price for your minerals if thousands of potential buyers don’t have the opportunity to make an offer on your property. Why sell to the highest bidder out of 10 when you could sell to the highest bidder out of thousands of qualified buyers?

That’s where Shale Marketplace comes in. We’ve got a huge pool of pre-screened, qualified buyers, and these buyers will compete against one another to offer the highest possible price for your minerals. The end result is that mineral owners receive higher prices for their minerals through Shale Marketplace than they could have obtained on their own.

Many mineral owners already have an offer for their minerals and want to know whether it is a fair price. If this describes you, we highly recommend that you list with Shale Marketplace because it is a “win-win” situation for you. We will show your property to our huge pool of qualified mineral buyers. If one of them is willing to pay a higher price than your current offer, you get more money for your minerals. And if none of our buyers can beat the price that you have on the table, then you can rest assured that the offer you have in hand reflects the highest price you could get for your minerals.

Absolutely not! We will never pressure you to sell! We pride ourselves on a no-pressure approach that puts mineral owners in control with no obligations whatsoever.

We will present you with offers from our large pool of buyers and provide any information that you request. You can then choose whether or not to sell, and you will never owe us any fees ever, no matter what. And we will use our years of experience to advise you on whether or not an offer is fair relative to other recent transactions we’ve seen.

Most listings receive an offer within 2 weeks of listing (and sometimes only 1 week). For larger listings or listings spanning multiple properties, it usually takes buyers longer to evaluate and so offers are typically slower. For small properties in great areas, offers can usually come in more quickly.

We require that sellers list their property for a minimum of 30 days, as it usually takes a couple of weeks before buyers to evaluate your property and submit offers. After the 30 day period is over, you are free to have your listing removed with no obligation and no fees to Shale Marketplace. By agreeing to list your property for a minimum of 30 days, buyers are more likely to spend time seriously evaluating your property and making you an offer. But you are always free to have your property removed after 30 days with no obligations whatsoever.

We take data security very seriously. Only pre-screened, qualified buyers with the demonstrated financial wherewithal and requisite mineral buying experience will be able to view your property. We are also able to redact sensitive information upon request.

Minerals Value Questions

If only there were a Zillow for minerals, where you could look up the value of your minerals! Unfortunately, no such service exists, as the sales prices for minerals are usually kept private and are not publicly disclosed. Value is difficult to estimate and depends on a broad range of factors, including the location of the minerals, the operator of the wells, the current cash flow, and a number of other factors.

The experts at Shale Marketplace have decades of oil and gas experience and have data on hundreds and hundreds of mineral transactions across the best areas in the United States. We can advise you on similar mineral prices that we’ve seen in your area. But the best way of all to discover the true value of your minerals is to list them on Shale Marketplace and let our large buyer network tell you what they think your minerals are worth. Contact us today, and we will be happy to help you discover the value of your minerals.

Every buyer evaluates minerals differently. Most buyers try to estimate how much oil and gas will eventually be produced from your property, and their offer is based on that estimate. They look at variables like how many wells will be drilled and what oil and gas prices will be in the future. As you might imagine, buyers’ estimates of the value of your minerals can vary widely. The best way to know that you’re selling to someone who values your minerals very highly is to list on Shale Marketplace, where thousands of mineral buyers can view your property and make you an offer.

Selling minerals is a lot like selling a house. When you sell your house, you are more likely to get a good offer if a lot of people see it. You will get an even better offer if you receive multiple bids from competing buyers.

This is true for mineral sales as well. The best way to maximize the value of your minerals is to ensure that your property is seen by the maximum amount of potential buyers, and then to create competition between the buyers. By listing your property at Shale Marketplace, thousands of active mineral buyers will be able to view and compete with one another for a chance to purchase your minerals.